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According to Alexa, Google has consistently been the most visited website in the world, over the past few years. Even with the launch of social networks like Facebook, consumers still search on Google every day.

This means that optimizing our website for a search engine like Google, which leads with a market share of 90%+, is still very important for businesses.

With billions of online searches every day, it’s crucial that businesses put in place a strategy to show up on the first search engine results, resulting in an increased visibility, with the possibility to reach more customers and grow revenues.

By not showing up on the search engines for relevant keywords, you’re essentially losing business and customers every month, hence why Search Engine Optimization is so important, and should be part of your digital strategy.

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SEO Technical Analysis and Audit

Before taking on any SEO project, it’s necessary to conduct a thorough audit and analysis of your website. This analysis aims at evaluating the optimization that has previously done on the website, both internal and externally.

Internally, on-page SEO, we look at internal linking, quantity and quality of content published on the site, URL structure, META data, and more. At an external level, off-page SEO, we analyze external links/backlinks, anchor texts, social media links, and other offsite references.

Keyword Research

Keywords are words or phrases searched by users on search engines, like Google. The phrase “web design services” is considered a keyword, and for this particular term, Google will return 8 to 10 organic results and several Google ads.

The process of researching and choosing the appropriate keywords to target is very important so that the content on your site is appropriately optimized to show up for those same keywords.

Competition Analysis

The analysis and evaluation of the competitors who are performing well on the search engine are somehow related to the keyword research.

This evaluation has the objective of understanding the competitive landscape, by looking at the websites that are ranked at the top, and therefore, exploring the weaknesses and leveraging some of their most effective strategies.

On-page SEO

The internal optimization of the website, also known as on-page SEO, is conducted right after the keyword research and competition analysis. This is one of the most important parts of the whole SEO strategy.  Without it, search engines won’t be able to recognize the correct keywords to rank the website for.

Some of the most important on-page SEO factors include META data, user experience, responsive design, internal linking (also known as siloing), website speed, SCHEMA, etc…

Off-page SEO and Link Building

Once the basic on-page SEO has been done, it’s necessary to put in place and effective link building strategy, to move the website up. The external links work as a reference of your website online, and they’re very powerful when it comes to search engine ranking

The external optimization of the website, off-page SEO, incorporates the process of building these links, signaling to the search engines what the content of the website is about.

Content Marketing Strategy

Every single digital strategy, be it SEO or social media marketing, has content as its core. It’s very difficult to implement a successful digital strategy without having a well-thought-out content strategy in place.

Not only does content have to be created, but it also needs to be properly optimized for the search engines, and to promote it off the site. In essence, content marketing connects the on-page and off-page optimization, allowing for a more successful SEO strategy.

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