Why is search engine ranking tracking is important?

Tracking where your website ranks on the search engines is extremely important. There are a lot of tools that do this for you. You don’t have to search for all your important keywords and manually check where you’re ranking… If you’ve ever done this you know how tedious it can be, especially if you’re not ranking on the first couple of pages.

This is how a tool like SERPLab.co.uk can be extremely useful. It’s completely free and you can track as many websites and keywords as you want.

Once you create an account, they should send you a verification email and you get instant access to their dashboard.


How to track your position for free with SERPLab

SERPLab is extremely easy to use. But if you’re not used to this type of tools, here’s how you start to track your search engine ranking position (also known as SERP).


1. Project Name

Enter the name of your project. This is for your own reference only. Just make sure that it’s unique in case you’re tracking lots of websites or specific URLs.

2. Your-Domain

Either include your website, and SERPLab will track all of the pages of your site. Or include a specific URL and check the box on the right side. This is useful if you’re interested in tracking only one specific page of the web (YouTube or Facebook page for example).

3. Global Region

The default is for the Google’s United States search engine (google.com) but you can select whichever country you want. You should select the country where your potential customers are going to be searching from, that’s the position that matters.

4. Keywords

You can add as many keywords as you want. I recommend that you use the “bulk” feature, especially if you’re getting these keywords from a tool like Google AdWords.

5. Add Project

Add you’re project and wait for SERPLab’s bots to find where you rank for your targeted keywords.

6. Track your progress

If you go to each project, you’ll be able to look at the historic position of your website and plot the keywords on a timeline graph.chart


And there you have it. You can know access your rankings, export them, and print reports from your dashboard. SERPLab keeps records for about 40-45 days. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good for the price of $0.

If you have any questions about setting it up or tracking the position for different keywords, use the comment section below, and I’ll make sure to answer your questions.

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